Friday, March 5, 2010

To my highschool pals

Since I'll be 50 this year, I prudently went to see my doctor for the typical semi centennial exam. When he noted that I'll be hitting the half century mark in September, I replied that this was better than the alternative to which he promptly asked, "Are you sure?" One point for the doc.
Anyway, this post is dedicated to the women I'll be seeing soon in AZ . We will collectively celebrate our big 5-0 and bravely launch over this daunting hurdle together. Here's to Cruisin' Carol, Mighty Mary, Do it Dierdre, Movin' Mo, Kissin' Chris, Shootin' Sharon, Lovely Lorraine and me, Jivin' Janis.
This song is for you.

It was a dark and foggy morning

When I look @ this picture I want to break into song. Home, home on the range. Where the donkeys and other donkeys roam. (When my nephews were very little I remember singing to them when they went to bed. They plugged their ears and pleaded, "Please Aunt Jannie, don't do that anymore." Everyone's a critic.)