Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Blue Ribbon

Once a month SM takes Joe out to breakfast before school.
They go here:
While waiting for their meal (Joe - pancakes or waffles / SM - 2 eggs, sausage & toast) the two play "football" with a packet of sugar. The strategy is to flick the tiny packet across the table, towards your opponent, placing a portion of it across the tables' edge but not falling off. If you acheive this you earn the chance to "kick" a field goal. The victor flicks the packet in the air trying to get it between the fingers (goal post) of the challenger and earn an extra point. It ain't easy. 
The season is from September through June -  The school year. Last year the nice waitresses at the Fairway Cafe made this for the champion.....
... Joe. He has it pinned proudly on his bulletin board.
The record this season?
Joe - 3 / SM -2