Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where did my little darlins go?

                                      What has happened to my children? Where have they gone?
                               Where are the babes that would hug and kiss me before they left for school? ...

......and let me dress them?
                                                               They went to teenagerdom.

Have you heard of that? It's scary.

Check up on me once in a while. Will ya?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our drive to school today

7:19 AM - We hop in the car. Joe is next to me in the passenger seat, Lily is strapped in the back.
The car doors shut and we begin the 8 minute drive to the first drop, Lily's school. Here's our conversation. :
Lily:  "Mom, did you know that gymnastics is my favorite sport I love gymnastics my favorite part of gymnastics is the parallel bars but I also like the balance beam did you know that I didn't used to like the beam because it was hard but now I can easily do a cartwheel on it without a problem I also didn't like the vault but now I do I definitely love gymnastics Mom I have an indoor soccer game on Saturday I can't believe how fast the indoor soocer season has come we just ended outdoor soccer I think we're playing badmitton in PE today Mrs. Hershey will only be here 2 more days then we'll have a substitute because Mrs. Hershey is going to have a baby I forget what she's going to name it I don't like badmitton oh I think I told you that already I really like my new backpack it holds so much it is so much better than the other one I was considering bye."
Lily gets out of the car. Joe and I drive across town to the high school. I reach over and pat Joe's thigh and ask him how he's doing.
Joe: "Good."
5 minutes later Joe gets out of the car and says good bye.
The end.