Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lily & I had the pleasure of spending the day with Max, Lucy & Harvey.

This is Harvey. We had a picnic in a park near the water while pretending to be pirates & searching for treasure. Max dissed Lily saying she wasn't very good at finding treasures even after she found a whole crab body. She felt under appreciated but didn't let his opinion get her down.

How could you be angry with Max? He's angelic. (a little harsh with his assessments but still very sweet.)
But this dastardly dude was not good at all. He stole an entire loaf of our sour dough from the bench where we naively left it unguarded. He flew off with bag & all then landed on the shore and ate it in front of us. He gloated. We were mad. And hungry.

But we played on.

Until we got hungrier. After we trash mouthed that thief of a gull, we decided to go to Rocket Donuts - the kids favorite spot. Max says, "There's nothing gooder than cream in a donut." Amen to that brotha.

While there, Lucy showed us her impressive ballet moves. She's good. Real good.
Here's one more shot of sweet & oh so lovable Harvey Jack.
And one more of Lucy Lou showing us how it's done.

Treasures - All of them.  (except the bird)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another reason the northwest is a good place to live.

Beyond the red chair that dangles from our tree over looking the corn field....
.....grows one of natures most delectable treats. Blackberrries.

From these juicy morsels, Lily baked her first pie. It was delicious. We devoured it all  in one evening with only a few crumbs and a sweet memory left to hold on to.

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's summer time and berry season!

I bet you don't see anything like this where you live.
The farmers are working long hours harvesting the precious berries you'll be putting on your ice cream tonight.  If you're not putting berries on your ice cream tonight, I'm sorry for you.
The roads are busy with all sorts of farming business, including hay coming off the fields, freshly bundled and brought to the farms for winter.  

First Friday Music VII