Sunday, September 30, 2012

Q3 2012

Katie and Matt were married on August 25th. Here are some nice pictures of
the bridal shower and wedding.

Rose - Katie's mother -in-law.

Mom & daughter

Dad & daughter


The Grandmas.
Now for a nice wedding picture:
The bride & groom.  
But if you want to see the real us, Here are few shots of the
party reception for your amusement.
Oh yea. It rocked.

There was added excitement during our celebration - baby Charlotte Ann
decided to come into the world a whole month early! Her
 grandparents, Jay & Micky, missed the birth since they
were here, 1600 miles away from AZ  - at the wedding.
We forgive her. She's healthy, beautiful and loved. 
Sammy & Jon are as proud as can be.

Other family news includes Jennifer's new position at Potts Law in Bellingham,
Tim's return to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, with a new job in marketing as his dad (the new grandpa) is very
happy to report.
And then there's this news alert: 
  Safety Man's new pride and joy.
I think it's a tractor.

It pulls precious cargo.
Spoiler alert:
Next quarters updates will include 2 more babies (Courtesy of Gina & Elisa)
 and pictures from Rome, featuring the canonization of Blessed Kateri!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My high school reunion

I'll be off to my high school reunion in a couple weeks. Here's a picture of the old gang at a football game when I was my son's age.
I'm right smack in the middle of all the fun, as usual. I'll be staying with Dierdre,
who's falling over in front of me in the front row.
We listened to music like this: