Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Same Dog - Different Day

This is Kicks
( Before and after "grooming")

Kicks is our family's dog. He's unusually affectionate, lavishing hugs and sloppy kisses on anyone who'll permit a 50 lb, stinky-breathed mutt to drape himself over them. He has a particular attachment to me. My kids want to know why he prefers me to everyone else so I've explained to them that Kicks, like many dogs, has an uncanny ability to sense when a person is exceptionally wise and good. Dogs know who they can trust, I continue with a soft, serene smile on my face, and he obviously sees these fine qualities in me.
I believe there's no harm in reinforcing my kids perception that their mother is special.
(It is true that I often feed our dog bacon in the mornings, soup bones at night and rub his tummy whenever he seems lonely, but I doubt this has anything to do with his predilection to follow me to the ends of the earth if that's where I'm headed.)
Special note:
Our cats' name is Punches. Kicks and Punches. It's a karate thing.

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