Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About being 50

1. When I'm called "ma'am" by the bag boy at Safeway, I think - "That's nice he's so respectful. I bet his mom is proud of him.", not - "Who the hell is he calling ma'am?"
2. Bonnie Raitt's line, "Life gets mighty precious when there's less of it to waste.", speaks volumes.
3. Looking older is ok, because I am older.
4. Sometimes when I try to look nice and put on more make up than usual I remind myself of Bette Davis in "What ever happened to Baby Jane." (Anyone out there remember that movie?)
5. I notice that a considerable number of people singing on my ipod are dead. BTW, I would appreciate hearing about good music post 1978, if you have suggestions. (Hint: I prefer lyrics without the words "bitch' & "ho".)
6. 60 has a ring of youthfulness to it.
7. I opened an advertisement for long term care insurance and skimmed it.
8. My dog has caught up to me in dog years and I notice, with some despair, that he struggles to get on his feet.
9. Why not take advantage of the early bird special?
10. I remember my mom calling me in from play to watch the first man walk on the moon.
11. I see things in antique stores that I had as a child, specifically, I saw my old Mrs. Beasley doll recently.
12. I say it's "Hip and Happenin'" and "It's time to get down and get funky." to annoy my kids but truthfully I like those sayings.
13. I never get sick of listening to Bob Dylan.
14. I'm more sentimental.
15. I think if I'm ever going to do a real push up I better start trying now.
16. I'm drawn to articles about senior citizens doing amazing things like running their first marathon at 70.
17. I don't need anymore friends.
18. I've given up trying to look tall & thin and am focused on staying healthy so I can, God willing, be here for my grand kids.
19. My knees hurt when I get up after sitting awhile.
20. I'm going to wear brighter colors.

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