Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When my dad opened his trucking agency he was told to keep the door between his office and the drivers room shut. The other agents said drivers were a nuisance. In response to that advice, the day my dad opened shop, he took that door off it's hinges and set the coffee pot next to his desk.

In spite of their hard living (or maybe because of it) my dad liked the drivers and respected their hard work moving freight from coast to coast - driving grueling hours, eating at greasy truck stops and making it home only a day or two a month, making a buck the best way they knew how. He especially liked the drivers who were rebellious "driving the back roads so they wouldn't get weighed" to get his freight delivered on time.

So this song is for Willard, who died 16 years ago today, and to all those drivers.
I miss you dad!


  1. Oh's to Willard...miss him every day.

  2. Thats awesome. Kirby

  3. Very cool.... will never forget that time 16 years ago.

  4. Great song. Miss Grandy a lot. xo

  5. Great tribute to Willard!! Miss him every day!!