Monday, March 23, 2009

The girls still know how to have fun

Predictably, the annual girls trip to the California Wine Country was a success. We sank into our protective world of wine, food and laughter with the greatest of ease while soaking in the sublime Napa countyside.
A gigantic thank you is owed to our friend, Melissa, who after returning home from a week long trip to the east coast only 2 days before our departure, managed to dream of, shop for and prepare most of the meals for our ravenous group. These feasts included but were not limited to, bacon wrapped pan seared filets dripping in an unbelievably good port wine sauce, scrumptious cheesy potatoes, marinated grilled shrimp with a black bean and corn salad, goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with creamy polenta and a superb buttermilk coffee cake. Oh and lest I forget, ganache dripped brownies for dessert perfectly packaged in their own snow white boxes for easy transport to the wineries. It was really something to behold.
From our satisfied, swollen stomachs to our smiling faces - there's another special recognition and big thank you owed to Margie who, while Melissa was in the kitchen whipping up the grub, was generously lavishing facials on the rest of us pampered women. Our mugs were cleansed, massaged, and treated to a cool, green slimy, mask that would put Jim Carey to shame. I have pictures to prove it. By the end of our treatment we were rubbing our smooth, supple cheeks and comparing the feel to baby bottoms. Lovely.
This glorious weekend provided the energetic boost we needed to firmly cement our BFF friendship's for another grueling year without eachother. We ate like queens, drank rediculous amounts of fabulous wine while our skin glowed beautifully and we reconnected with our buds.
How I got so lucky to have such fun-loving, beautiful AND talented friends, I will never know.
In vino veritas.
P.S. Dylan Rocks!

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  1. I want all of the recipes! Sounds great. Still missed you in AZ - we will have to make sure that our trips are not so close next year for the big