Friday, November 27, 2009


There were a comfortable 26 ( give or take) friends and family at our house for Thanksgiving 2009. The turkey was cooked perfectly this year so there was no sudden gasp from Jeri declaring the bird raw. Thank goodness. My dear sister made the various pies, as usual, and they were fabulous, especially the chocolate one. Although the lemon meringue slice was the best day after Thanksgiving breakfast I've ever had. They were all divine as were the shrimp and crab stuffed mushroom Rockefellers that Shannon made. We were well fed.
Unfortunately, Evan, Elisa, Max, Lucy and Harvey came down with dreaded flu the day before so they stayed nestled in their home. We missed them terribly as we missed the rest of the family who are living far away from us. Kirby, Gina and Oliver were especially on our minds as they celebrated a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas in Italy before Kirby leaves for Afghanistan. Here are a few quick snapshots of our motley crew. (Oddly, I didn't take any of the young children. I'm sorry about that. They are the better looking of all of us.)
Tom and Jenn
Karen and Mom
Jeff & Jenn
John & the moms
Tim, Sammy & John
Jeri & Chris
Rob & Katie
Me & the twins
Jeff getting a hug from Kicks
The obligatory post dinner snooze.

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