Friday, May 21, 2010

Boo Boo Buddies - What they are and how they work.

Lily makes Boo Boo Buddies & sells them at local craft fairs. Aren't they adorable?
This is Max with a stubbed toe. See how sad he is?
Now look! He's happy. That's how a Boo Boo Buddy works. It's magical.
Adorable, sweet as candy, Lucy loves the Boo Boo Buddy, too.

As does Harvey. Just look at this kid, will ya? Hold my heart. I can't stand it. I am so IN LOVE with him. Have you ever seen anything more scrumptious in your whole entire life?
Let me know if you'd like a Boo Boo Buddy for the precious little ones in your life. It'll make them smile, too.
Lily has the whole summer to sew!


  1. we're expecting 10% of the profits received from this advertisement.
    no. seriously, the kids adore you right back. I love you're pictures of them. You're so darn good at it! Elisa

  2. we love our booboo buddies! -gina