Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wine Tasting and Limos, Again.

My sister is good to me in many ways. She even shares her friends. They are wonderfully fun, smart and welcoming.

During a charity auction, her friend Carollyn bid on a limo/wine tasting tour and won! Correction, we won. To join her on this wine tasting journey through northern Washington & Canada, she graciously invited the women from her knitting group and me. Bless her heart.
Not surprisingly, we got sillier as the day progressed. Eventually, some of us digressed by hanging out the sun roof of the limo waving at cars as they passed. I didn't post these shots because I wanted to leave a better impression of us. Don't we look well behaved? Just goes to show ya.....looks can be deceiving.

Thank you, Carollyn and all of you women, for a very fun day. I had a blast.

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