Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day, almost

I pilfered this picture from the Pioneer Woman's blog. I love this picture so much because:

1. This is a hug that will be remembered for all of eternity by this family.

2. I love it that the mom (not pictured) is there. I see the mom through her daughters carefully done hair and beautifully matched red skirts and white sweaters. I can picture her fussing with them and primping so they look their very best to welcome home dad. ( Love the skirt!)

3. I love it that the dad is nestled in his daughters shoulders, soaking in all the love.

4. I love the red, white & blue in the whole shot that signifies the country this family sacrificed so much to protect.

I love this picture.

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  1. we'll have one of these pictures soon :) -gina