Thursday, February 5, 2009

At the end of my run.

I took this picture at the end of my run yesterday. This is a glimpse of the sunset over the San Juan's.
While I was watching the gorgeous sun set over Puget Sound, I was listening to Jackson Browne sing, "The Pretender" on my ipod. I loved JB back in my high school glory days. I thought he was the hottest thing ever. There's a line in this song that goes something like this, "I'm gonna find myself a girl, who can show me what laughter means and we'll fill in the missing colors of each others paint my number dreams." I know it sounds corny now, but when I was 16, I thought it was the most beautifully written lyric I'd ever heard . I wanted to be his girl. It wasn't until many years later, when I read that JB was accused of beating up his girlfriend, poor Daryl Hannah, that I was grateful to have dodged that bullet.
Please note this -I use the word "run" when describing my daily exercise instead of the much more accurate word "jog" like others use the word "nanny" instead of "babysitter". It sounds better.

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