Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My sister has been pondering this.....

I've been thinking....

I loved the original constitution and the American system of government.
I would have signed my name even larger than John Hancock's if given a chance.
However, this way of life no longer exists. It's a sham. The constitution is routinely ignored, twisted, and our government officials are corrupt.
If I'm going to be dictated to by an elite group of corrupt officials, I'd rather have a king. Or queen. What's wrong with a monarchy? You get parades and pomp (which was recently demonstrated to be quite popular). You get someone who can be held responsible. Someone who has his actual name on the product so to speak.
Also, aristocrats originally become aristocrats because of merit. They win some battles, or save the country somehow and are rewarded....so, hopefully aristocratic qualities will run in families. They also are well educated and polite.
Plus, if you also have a strong church than you get the evitable checks and balances. This worked for eons.
And the best of all....when the monarch and nobles become corrupt (which they always eventually do) the people can revolt against someone....not have to reform themselves (which they seem to find very hard).
Viva Charlemagne

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