Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boys and Girls

On our 8 minute ride to school today, my 10 year old daughter talked about...

1. ....Why she likes her various scarves and how she wishes she had a few more in different colors. (She likes the cream colored one I knitted for her because it goes with everything.)
2.... How her friends won their basketball game last Saturday. She was there to cheer them on, which contributed to their significant win , she says.
3.... Many of her friends little sisters, including their looks( big brown eyes with perfect black eyelashes), their disposition(shy or talkative) and their natural ability to play basketball and give high fives. She'd like a little sister.
4.... Why she dislikes P.E., but how it can be saved when they're allowed to do gymnastics.
5. ...Her math class, detailing her dislike for fractions because they are too easy to be challenging but too hard to be a breeze.
6.... Why she and her posse have decided to wear bright colors today and her hopes that everyone remembers their pact.
7..... A dream she had last night about eating a really big grilled cheese sandwich.

Yesterday, when I took my 13 year old son to school he talked about:

1. Nothing.
When he got out of the car he said, "Have a good day mom!"

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