Friday, February 27, 2009

This ones for Jeff

Jeff is an old buddy of mine from high school who is a loyal reader. He says my blog is too "girlie". I was surprised to hear this because I thought my posts were gender neutral. Perhaps it was the poetry in the Valentines Day post that persuaded him otherwise. In any case, this is my remedy.
( I was going to post my favorite cookie recipe - "Gobblers" which are aptly named, but now I'm too self conscious.)

Rainbow trout can be called steel head trout. They are really Pacific salmon.
Watch this-

Warning: Do not watch the following video if you are a PETA supporter or if you like animals. (This is not a joke.)

St. Arnold: Patron Saint of Brewing
In the 11th century, Arnold of Soissons, a bishop in the Benedictine St. Medard's Abbey in Soissons, France, began to brew beer.
He encouraged the locals to drink beer instead of water for its health benefits (beer was healthier than water mainly because it was boiled and thus sterilized from pathogens).


Let's see - I've covered fishing, hunting, beer drinking and killing the enemy. Am I missing anything?

I remember "The" throw - Dwight Clark/ Joe Montana/ touchdown

And, of course, one tasteless joke:
I'm sorry. I just can't find one that I want to post and I'm tired of searching. Yuck.


  1. You’re the best editor I ever worked for. I will read this blog forever!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the press.

    Now for my political commentary...Obama is our president and although some do not agree with all of his views of the country we all owe it to America to give the man a chance.. He can't do worse than the last one. We should all commit to one of his campaign promises "lets all pitch in and help our fellow man and our country" it sure can't hurt and it will be a damn lot better than bitching and swearing about him. We are the solution to America's problems.

    Signed the gun toting Democrat who is anti-immigration, wants us out of Iraq (or any other sand pit), is leery of the TARP program, wonders why I should bail out someone else’s home loan (because they can’t afford the 6 cars, a motor home and a place at the river), and could give a damn who marries who!

    Acechanley Cub reporter for the Linden Daily Picayune

  2. Jeff,

    Unless I'm prepared to organize a militia and go into battle, I have to give "the man" a chance but I hardly "owe it to America" to be silent about my disagreements with his agenda. Who can argue that helping your fellow man isn't good? But let's face it, you can hardly credit Barack Obama with that idea and how we help him and the country is debatable. Also, I disagree that anything is better than bitching and swearing. I find bitching and swearing to be very therapeutic.
    (I happen to be reading Mark Twains "Joan of Arc" Now there's a person who took her citizenship seriously!)

  3. One could, if so inclined, write a book about the many ways President Obama could "do worse than the last one". I'll name two: nationalize over half of the GDP and re-energize Russia, while throwing the Czechs and the Poles under the bus.
    What does "anti-immigration" mean? Should we all go home? Where is home exactly?
    And thanks to the "last one" and our soldiers, it looks like the Iraqis, if they want to, can be well on their way to tramping down the road to socialism too!