Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mt Baker Ski (Snowboard) Day

On Presidents Day, I took my children to the mountain for a long overdo ski/snowboard day. (I ski. They snowboard, in case you had any question.) I was relieved to find that the normally cold and windy mountain was gleaming in the bright sun, with a fresh 2 inches of snow on the ground from a light snow shower the night before and no wind. This was glorious. The 3 of us were smiling from ear to ear as we peeled layers of sweaters from our backs and wrapped them around our waists.
Due to motherhood and other responsibilities, my skiing days are few and far between but my modest ability has served me well to keep up with my kids beginner to intermediate snowboard abilities . ..until this year when they frequently left me in the proverbial dust. This turn of events made me unusually preoccupied with trying to keep up them and not fall on my face or, more importantly, rip a ligament in my knee. I proceeded cautiously and was pleased when I finished the day without a fall.......that is, until......
I had successfully finished skiing, loaded the tired, sun kissed kids and our equipment in the car and was cheerfully walking back from my final trip to the lodge when I slipped and fell on the ice just 10' from my car. Thankfully, I didn't hurt myself (much), however I heard 2 teenage brats (boys) parked several cars down the row, let out a very loud and obnoxious guffaw. I sat for a brief moment, composed myself and got up. While shaking it off and walking ever so carefully back to my car, I was struck by the realization that I wasn't embarrassed. The thought I had was how embarrassed I would be to be the mother of the two boys mocking me. I was very happy to have completed the day with only a bruised butt and my ego in tact.

I think this is a sign of maturity. For that day at least, I knew when I should be embarrassed and when it was a waste of energy. (or this lack of self consciousness could be a symptom of senility, but either way...)

It was a fabulous day from start to finish.

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